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When the sun and the moon come together we are reminded that darkness and light are needed for life to come to wholeness. The light of the sun powers up the light of the moon in order to gift us guidance in the darkest of nights. 'I find strength in the shadow and in the light', as it is engraved on the back of this coin-shaped pendant, is a reminder that all phases and aspects of life have their validity and a lesson and story to tell that enables our growth and expansion towards understanding our own completeness.

Materials: 22kt Gold Plated Recycled 925 Sterling Silver

Stone: Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone

Chain: Adjustable 44 cm / 48 cm / 52 cm / 56 cm

Pendant Dimension: 20.0mm


Our Sun & Moon necklace has a coin-shaped pendant that carries the sun and the moon in its center surrounded by all phases of the moon. It is a beautiful reminder and affirmation that allows us to see our own strength in all phases and the light and dark aspects of our human existence on earth. To come to live in totality and total acceptance of our human experience evokes the presence of love, surrender and trust. Something we need more than ever in today’s world.

The symbol of the Full Moon and New Moon are made up from Labradorite and Moonstone crystals. Moonstone enchants us with its soft and magical feminine energy and incites a deeper understanding of who we are and where we are meant to go. Labradorite is a stone that evokes courage and transformation and teaches us how to bring life-giving energy to all areas of our souls.

The pendant comes with a dotted medium length chain and is beautiful to combine with our shorter length pieces for further layering.


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