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DESCRIPTION & DETAILSOur 'Here To Be' Bracelet carries the ancient tale of female power, source, and sovereignty. This pendant carries the engraving ‘Be the witch you came here to be’ and has been created with the intention for each woman to come to recognize her true feminine essence that lies dormant within. May this special piece invoke recognition of who you came here to be: that you are a daughter of the witches they couldn't burn, the bearer of the wisdom of a mysterious force that breathes life into all. Be the witch you came here to be, not the woman society has told you to.Carry the symbol of the evil eye as the guardian and protector of a force that rests deep in your being, ready for you to be summoned to change this world for a better, more loving, more nurturing place.Materials: 22kt Gold Plated Recycled 925 Sterling Silver, LabradoriteLength: adjustable 17cm / 19cmPendant: 2.1cm x 1.9 cmABOUT THIS DESIGNEmbedded in this piece is the knowing that the feminine energy creates something out of seemingly nothing - from the dark, fertile places of the earth, where we place our hands to plant the seeds to grow. She is intuitive wisdom passed on through generations of women before her. She is the uncontrollable one, relentless in her pursuit of sharing her healing gift with the world. Despite her mystical name ‘witch’, she is nothing less than love. This piece has been designed to break with the taboo and stigma of being a witch when in reality all that she is is love.  The evil eye is a symbol found in a variety of religious and spiritual traditions throughout the world, including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity, used as a protective shield against the evil and unkind in this world. We are working with the intention of this symbol rather than following a specific religious belief. At the center of the pendant sits a Labradorite known to be a powerful and feminine stone that carries the potency of intuition, deep inner knowing, change and transformation. She is your companion through change and will instil strength and perseverance. She stimulates your imagination for you to see beyond the veil and to recognize your truth. This design came through in a deep meditation, connecting with the women who came before. May you be touched by its strength.


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