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Wear this beautiful necklace to open yourself up to the blessings that are all around you as the rich expressions of this beautiful earth. The pendant is engraved with the words “Blessings all around” to remind you of this energy that is rooted in nature, that wherever you stand in life, blessings can be found anytime you choose to open your senses to receive. The pendant depicts the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi embellished with a Pink Tourmaline in its center. By calling her energy into your life you invite every form of blessing into it, too: good fortune, fertility, health, prosperity, and beauty.

Materials: 22kt Gold Plated Recycled 925 Sterling Silver

Stone: Pink Tourmaline (1.5mm)

Chain: Adjustable 44 cm / 48 cm / 52 cm / 56 cm

Pendant Dimension: 14.0 x 28.0mm


Wherever you wander this Earth open your senses to receive what is in front of you, because blessings and richness can be found in every corner of life – from the obvious one that is flooded in light to the smallest nook enveloped into the shadows of our world.

The pendant comes with a medium length necklace and depicts the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is the goddess that gives the gifts of worldly abundance, wealth, food, spiritual luster, and radiance in all its forms. She is known for her capacity to invite both worldly enjoyment and spiritual freedom into co-existence. She is the energy to be invoked for peace and prosperity, sweetness and harmony. Lakshmi’s true face is found in the abundance of the natural world. Her power nourishes life on earth, her allure is her ferocious, unconditional, never-ending generosity, her righteousness and loving care for all creatures, as a steward for cultivating our Earth.

This necklace is embellished with a Pink Tourmaline. Pink Tourmaline stands for a love of humanity and humanitarianism, to promote sympathy and compassion towards others. This crystal promotes a soft heart, to gently stand in yourself, and to stand up for unconditional love and friendship.

We honor Lakshmi as a deity of the Hindu religion and philosophy. Please note that we are working with the intention of this symbol rather than promoting or following a specific religious belief.


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MVA Inkludert
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