The scarab beetle is a powerful symbol that is mainly used in ancient Egyptian traditions. This sparkling beetle embellished with a 1.5 mm Aquamarine stone not only represents eternity itself but also instills us with the courage to step towards our soul’s callings (inviting us to potentially choose a different path from the one we have been on thus far) and to trust the process of transformation.

The back of this pendant is engraved with the word ‘trust’ to remind your soul to surrender to the universal perfection.

This piece comes displayed on a gift card with the following soul message:

“The scarab beetle is a powerful symbol of protection, guarding you through change and transformation.”

These earrings change the world a little as they:

fund the tuition for underprivileged children in Bali to receive an education

are made from sustainable and recycled materials

provide employment for mothers of street children


kr 799,00Price
VAT Included