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This beautiful square shaped pendant carries the words ‘The Universe has my back’ on its backside. Embellished with a crescent moon and the stars of the night sky this dazzling and delicate piece is a smile and a nod from the Universe personally to sink into trust because it has your back indefinitely and boundlessly. This pendant dangles from medium sized hoops that come with a hammered finish and are beautiful to combine with our smaller hoop pieces such as our True North earrings or Intuitive Wisdom earrings.

Materials: 22kt Gold Plated Recycled 925 Sterling Silver

Stone: Labradorite (1.50mm)

Pendant Dimension: 13.0 - 20.0mm

Hoop Diameter: 15.0mm

Full Earring Length: 32.0mm


Every day when we wake up we have a new choice how we want to meet the world. To live in alignment with the Universe means to trust in certainty within the uncertain and unknown. It is about tapping into a space and place where regardless of whatever life gives you, you can allow to trust. Obstacles turn into opportunities. Trust invites you into a daily dialogue with the universe, co-creating a proactive relationship with the ever-existing presence of love.

This design is meant as a daily whisper, reminding you that you live in a friendly Universe and that life happens for you. Guidance comes in many forms and there is a presence far greater than you believe that is always supporting you. The Universe is the holding field of everything, of unlimited potential and manifestation of energy and matter. What you seek, you can become.

This dazzling pendant is lovingly supported by the energy of Labradorite, a beautiful stone that evokes change and transformation, deep healing and the courage to do so. Labradorite is known for its ‘labradoresence’, a dazzling optical phenomenon of blues, greens and deep blues that shimmer in the light, offering an iridescence of swirls. It reminds us of the magic of the universe – and the magic within us, because after all this is where it all begins.


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