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The mala is made up of a total of 108 beads with 76 Labradorite crystals and 32 Moonstones.

Materials: 22kt Gold Vermeil, Recycled 925 Sterling Silver

Stones: Labradorite, White Topaz, Rainbow Moonstone

Length: 119 cm full circumference

Pendant: 3.4 x 1.5 cm | Moonstone pendant: 16 x 18 mm


Born from nature, we are an inherent part of nature and we will return to nature. We are held by something bigger that expresses itself through us, that promises 'My love is powerful'.

Use this as affirmations while wearing this mala: I can make a difference. My love can move mountains. All it takes is one person to create powerful ripples that facilitate change.

The pendant is embellished with two small White Topaz and one rectangular-shaped Labradorite crystal. White Topaz carries the energy of truth and a vibration that will support improved mental clarity. It has loving energy that helps you to replace negativity with love, joyfulness, and calmness. White Topaz is a strong healing stone, as it will help those who are feeling low and in need of extra energy.

Labradorite brings magic into your life and new possibilities your way. It is one of the most powerful stones that supports your intentions by encouraging you to go after what you truly want without placing any limits on what you can achieve. Looking closely at Labradorite you can witness iridescent flashes of light within the stone representing the moment once sees light within the darkness. Labradorite is a wonderful stone to work with for manifesting and intention setting.

My Love Is Powerful • Mala Smykke

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