The inspiration for the Infinite potential bracelet is grounded in an overflowing sensation of freedom, self-empowerment and liberation that fills the edges of YOU to the brim. Engraved with the words 'All is possible', the energy of this piece invites you to turn your senses towards the field of limitless potentiality in which you get to be who- and whatever your heart desires you to be. Upon finding the key towards freedom from personal fears, stories and expectations, all becomes possible. Because: I am the holding space that everything is moving through.

Materials: 22kt Gold Plated Recycled 925 Sterling Silver, White Topaz, Labradorite

Chain: Adjustable 17cm / 19cm

Pendant: 1.75 x 1.75 cm


This octagon shaped pendant depicts a Quarter Moon and is surrounded by both Labradorite and White Topaz stones. This design is affiliated with the First Quarter Moon of the Lunar cycle.

This piece carries the empowering, strong energy of being a creator, a builder, a pioneer, a born leader – a getting stuff done kind of person. In this field – all is possible. I am highly aware of my potential and the potential of others and I nurture the ability to see what to others still remains unseen. I rise in this knowing, to the occasion. Because the field that is already always there, holds everything. I am free, because it is all within me.

While you might want to wear the piece connected to the phase you were born under, rest in the knowing that we are an expression of the whole sky. Use it as your medicine. Mix and match. Trust what you are drawn to. There are no wrongs or rights.


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