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It is light that pulls the seed out of the earth. It is light that lifts you into a higher version of yourself. If you are in need of encouragement to shake off the chains of limiting stories and beliefs, then this inscription might just be the right reminder for you: I break free. I grow with the light. Because I can break away from all that I assume to be holding me back and I can choose to dance and grow into the light, into a brighter and bigger version of myself.

Materials: 22kt Gold Plated Recycled 925 Sterling Silver, Moonstone, Labradorite & Herkimer

This bracelet can be worn in 2 different length settings: 17cm / 18cm / 19cm

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What if for one short moment, you believed that everything that is happening is not happening to you, but for you? What if you embraced the fact that the universe conspires in your favour? The Crescent Moon in this design represents the short sliver of light after the darkest of nights. It is a promise of hope, growth and forward movement. A shift from formlessness into form. Embellished with the beauty of Moonstone the wearer of this bracelet receives the blessings of loving courageousness to risk and to be more daring to step into the light.

This design is affiliated with the Waxing Crescent Moon of the Lunar cycle.

The ‘I grow with the light’ bracelet is infused and carried by the energies of Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite and Herkimer Diamonds – potent gifts from Mother Earth, harvested to support you in your highest good.

While you might want to wear the piece connected to the phase you were born under, rest in the knowing that we are an expression of the whole sky. Use it as your medicine. Mix and match. Trust what you are drawn to. There are no wrongs or rights.


kr 2 959,00Price
VAT Included
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