Ganesha is worshipped as the remover of obstacles as well as for giving us the wisdom to overcome obstacles in life. Basically, he holds our hand and helps us through the rough bits and brings us the insights to get through them. He is also the god of beginnings, allowing us to see the doors that open rather than staring at the ones that closed. 
Rudraksha beads are powerful seeds known to connect their wearer to the very source of existence. With Rudra being another name for Lord Shiva and Aksha means eyes, the cherished seeds are believed to directly connect their wearer with pure consciousness. This necklace carries 216 natural Rudraksha beads that have been blessed in a Balinese ceremony. 
Materials: 22kt Gold plated Sterling Silver, Rudraksha beads, Front: Pink Tourmaline & Citrine, Back: Green Tourmaline
Length:  +- 90-100cm round | Pendant length 3cm

This necklace changes the world a little as it:

• Helps feed a Balinese family in need via the 'Adopt a family’ project
• Is made from sustainable and recycled materials
• Provides employment for mothers of street children in Bali
• Carries powerful healing vibrations


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VAT Included