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Magic dwells in each beginning, so knows the moon. And she is right. Every new beginning holds the magic of novelty, of initiation, even if only for a fleeting moment. May these little seeds be a gentle reminder to your soul that with every new beginning you get to make a wish, as every moment in life offers an opportunity for growth and forward-movement. Plant the seed and take the leap. It’s all out there for you.

Our Dreamseed earrings hold a Labradorite in the center of their design, a stone affiliated with the magic of transformation and change.

Materials: 22kt Gold Plated Recycled 925 Sterling Silver, Labradorite

Full earring length: 2.32 cm | Hoop Diameter: 0.75 cm

Pendant: 1.1 x 0.55 cm


Let these Labradorite crystals be little seeds that spark your courage and curiosity for newness and the unknown. Your instincts will always guide the way towards greater wisdom.

Labradorite is pure magic expressed in ‘labradorescence’, a dazzling optical phenomenon of blues, greens and deep blues that shimmer in the light. It reminds us of the magic of the universe – and the magic within us.

This design is affiliated with the New Moon of the Lunar cycle.

While you might want to wear the piece connected to the phase you were born under, rest in the knowing that we are an expression of the whole sky. Use it as your medicine. Mix and match. Trust what you are drawn to. There are no wrongs or rights.


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MVA Inkludert
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