Our Daydreamer Hoop Earrings are simple elegance paired with purity and honest, loving intention and beautiful to combine with our Daydreamer Stud Earrings. The Daydreamer range is an ode to the daydreams born of happy days, simplicity and gentle being. It is a dedication to moments infused with dreaminess and to simple observation of a mosaic of soft cotton clouds shape-shifting through the heavens building whimsical/mischievous castles in the air.

Curiously wondering – how can we remain present in the moment of transition? No matter if we are gazing at clouds or at life shifting and forming into new shapes in front of our eyes, when the time is ripe.

May this gentle piece encourage you to surrender to the magic of reverie and our connection to a bigger field – to that which is larger than life. So you may dream yourself big, lovely, without attachment to the how’s and when’s and what if’s, for you are meant to be more than a single cloud in the heavens of our universe. Take this as an encouragement to recognize that there is nothing to be and become, that we already are what we are seeking and only need to allow the actualization.

Our Daydreamer Stud Earrings are made of a beautiful Herkimer Quartz, known to be the sustainable and ethical ‘diamond’. As we are working with irregular stones, every stone is a testament of uniqueness. Witness rainbow reflections when light meets this uniquely-shaped crystal. The Herkimer Quartz, known to be the most powerful among all Quartz crystals, is a powerful amplifier of spiritual energy and a perfect conduit of universal Life Force. They hold a memory that can be programmed with thoughts of love, well-being and healing and can facilitate the removal of energy blocks or debris in a healing environment.

Each piece of jewelry has been blessed in a Balinese ceremony.

Material: 22kt Gold Plated on 925 Sterling Silver, Herkimer Diamond

Daydreamer Earrings

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