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This design is a reflection of the mystical and mysterious night sky accentuating a guiding star which lights us the way along the horizon. The powerful crystal Labradorite invokes a sense of mysticism and combines grace and great healing powers in one shimmering phenomenon that changes its colour one light beam at a time. The little star pendant is embellished with small Labradorite crystals.

We use 100% natural stones which are a product of Mother Earth. This is why all of our gemstones come in variations of color, pattern and texture which also means every piece is unique. Please note that the stone colors may vary slightly from the image. We believe that these variations are what make your piece of jewelry that little bit more unique and personal – just for you.

Materials: 22kt Gold Plated Recycled 925 Sterling Silver

Stone: Labradorite (~10 - 13mm), Labradorite In Star Pendant (1.0mm)

Chain: Adjustable 36 cm / 40.5 cm / 45 cm / 49 cm

Pendant Dimension: 12.0 x 20.0mm


Similar to our 'The Universe has my back' pieces, this design reminds us that we are always held and taken care of by a greater force that unfolds and holds the entire potentiality of life. Whatever we aim for in our lifetime, no matter which path we choose to walk, we will always land somewhere among the stars if we trust and follow the guidance of the light and the shadows. The mystery of the night sky holds it all, just as Labradorite holds so much mystical energy. It takes its cues from the light of the Moon and the swirl of the stars providing us patterns and paths of greater illumination.

Labradorite teaches us how to bring life-giving energy to all areas of our souls – from the body to the mind and those deep corners that are hardest to reach. It’s a stone that shows us the way to self-soothing, self-love, transformation and enhancing mental clarity. Labradorite is known for its ‘labradoresence’, a dazzling optical phenomenon of blues, greens and deep blues that shimmer in the light, offering an iridescence of swirls. It reminds us of the magic of the universe – and the magic within us.

Labradorite is a stone that evokes courage and transformation and whispers deep healing. It holds stabilising and grounding properties that keep you connected to the earth beneath your feet while encouraging you to imagine a world high and wide.

The necklace comes with a medium length chain and is perfect for layering.


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